A selfie photo of Santa and Mrs. Claus sitting in a car.

To be Santa is an extraordinary gift.
To share that gift is a joy.

Santa is a master toy maker and storyteller, delighted to share the magic of Christmas with a child for their first Christmas and with believers whose first Christmas is a distant memory.

Santa can soothe a shy child and entertain a holiday crowd with his boundless joy.

Mrs. Claus’s smile warms hearts. Her Christmas blue eyes shine with love. She loves to talk about cookies and hold babies.

Santa is available throughout the year, nationwide or internationally, for projects of any scale. He is flexible and eager to help make any event extraordinary.

Santa and an older boy decorating a Christmas tree.

Mrs. Claus is my sparkle.
~ Santa

She is freshly baked cookies, tinsel, and angels, a silent snowfall, a crackling fire, and a cardinal in the holly tree, all wrapped up in the warmest embrace for which anyone could hope.

She knows when Santa has eaten too many cookies or left his stinky socks under the bed.

A grandmother to many, she is always ready to hold a baby, listen to a little one’s stories and wishes, and share the North Pole secrets and what it is like to live with Santa.

Together, we share the joy of Christmas Day and the joy of Christmas every day.

Mrs. Claus wearing a long red robe and white fur hat, standing next to a tall Christmas tree.
A cartoon of Santa and a Christmas tree in a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer harnessed in pairs.

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