Mrs. Claus waiving at the camera while riding in a fire department Christmas sleigh.
Colorful art of elf child wearing a Santa hat and holding a present wrapped in red paper and a red bow.
Touch my nose for scoring directions!

Holly, Jolly Artist

DIRECTIONS: Each player places a paper plate on their head like a hat. Without removing the plate:

  1. Draw a straight line that represents the floor.
  2. Draw a Christmas tree on the floor.
  3. Draw a star on the top of the tree.
  4. Draw three ornaments on the Christmas tree.
  5. Draw a present underneath the tree.
  6. Draw a fireplace with a mantle next to the Christmas tree.
  7. Draw a Christmas stocking hanging on the mantle.
  8. Draw a fire in the fireplace.
  9. Remove the plate from your head.
  10. Write your name on the plate.
  11. Swap your paper plate with another player.
A section of green holly garland with red berries.

SCORING: Tally the points on the plate.

  • Two points if the Christmas tree touches the floor.
  • One point if the star touches the tree.
  • One point if the star is above the tree.
  • One point EACH for every ornament ON the tree.
  • Two points if the present is under the tree.
  • Two points if the stocking touches the mantle.
  • Two points if the fire is in the fireplace.

Total Score (13 is the highest possible score)

A cartoon of Santa and a Christmas tree in a sleigh pulled by eight reindeer harnessed in pairs.

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